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Speak in French: Mantaphrase 1.0.1

December 13, 2012

Since we launched, we have helped our users communicate in a foreign language,
and have powered 13,000 conversations with Mantaphrase. Today we’re bringing
Mantaphrase to more people with French.


Mantaphrase's Japanese Heritage

November 07, 2012

Ideas come from many different places. For me, Mantaphrase was based on my own experiences being clueless in Japan during a 9 month exchange program. I think my story provides a good perspective on what problems we’re trying to solve.


Introducing Mantaphrase

October 09, 2012

Today we’re proud to launch Mantaphrase. Mantaphrase is an app for your iPhone and iPod Touch that makes communication in a foreign language easy. Using this app, you can communicate a phrase and get an answer without needing to know how to pronounce or understand the foreign language.